We found Jackie to be communicative, detail-oriented, accommodating to our schedule, exceptionally honest, consistently professional, fact-oriented, prompt and reliable – all this while being the warm, polite, friendly and superlatively pleasant person that she is…Jackie is a true professional, knowledgeable in real estate processes and the La Jolla market. Our interactions were fact-based, and where we didn’t have the facts, Jackie found them and promptly conveyed all needed information to us, brought in experts, or provided contacts for us to utilize. Actions and intentions were always followed up. Jackie does not leave things hanging. And, not to be inconvenienced, we were provided the means by which to conduct our search in La Jolla from our home in Colorado. Jackie researched available properties meeting our requirements and set up house tours to be ready and waiting for us when we made our trips from Colorado to San Diego. Space prohibits an illustrative story to accompany each of the adjectives, but know that there are positive ones for every descriptor above.

Our realtor – and now our friend – is currently representing us as the sellers of the Fay Avenue property. Jackie has and continues to professionally serve us in all aspects of our real estate needs. As you can tell, we have the highest level of trust for Jackie and confidence in her expertise and efforts to market our property in the face of less-than-optimal market conditions. We are very glad and very fortunate to have Jackie as our realtor.